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This is a brand new, sealed copy of Wildfire's 1980 album, Time Is the Answer. Wildfire was a popular band that was a household name in Tropical Island music circles due to their excellent albums and performances throughout Trinidad, Tobago, the Caribbean & US Virgin Islands and French Guadeloupe. The album is a perfect mix of funk, soul and disco, basically the popular sounds of the day, and all tracks are originals. This release was also the first time the group took control over production and getting their album out in the world. Also included is the hit single ‘Say A Little Prayer For The Children’ which is just one of those songs that will be stuck in your head forever.

Wildfire - Time Is the Answer LP


1. Dance with Me

2. My Life

3. All I Want to Do Is Live

4. The Rebels

5. Say a Little Prayer (For the Children)

6. Wonder How I Stayed Away

7. The Traveler

8. A Little More Love

9. Tonight

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