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This is a brand new, sealed copy of Gil Scott-Heron's sophomore studio album, Free Will, originally released in 1972. This was his second album collaborating with keyboardist Brian Jackson, and Heron's final album under the Flying Dutchman label. The LP is divided by side, with side A featuring the band led by Brian Jackson, and the side B being more of a live rap session with Brian Jackson playing flute and some percussion. It includes one of Heron's best known performances on "The Get Out of the Ghetto Blues". 

Gil Scott-Heron - Free Will LP


1. Free Will

2. The Middle of Your Day

3. The Get Out of the Ghetto Blues

4. Speed Kills

5. Did You Hear What They Said?

6. The King Alfred Plan

7. No Knock

8. Wiggy

9. Ain't  No New Thing

10. Billy Green Is Dead

11. Sex Education: Ghetto Style

12. ...and then he wrote Mediations

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