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This is a gently used copy of Earth, Wind & Fire's 10th studio album, Faces, originally released in 1980. The album peaked at #10 on the Billboard Top Albums charts and #2 on the Top Soul charts. The album has also been certified Gold by the RIAA. It includes the singles, "Let Me Talk" which hit #8 on the Billboard R&B charts, "You" (#10 on R&B) and "And Love Goes On" (#15 on R&B).

Earth, Wind & Fire - Faces 2LP


1. Let Me Talk

2. Turn It Into Something Good

3. Pride

4. You

5. Sparkle

6. Back on the Road

7. Song in My Heart

8. You Went Away

9. And Love Goes On

10. Sailaway

11. Take It to the Sky

12. Win or Lose

13. Share Your Love

14. In Time

15. Faces

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