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This is a gently used copy of jazz funk keyboardist, Bernard Wright, and his debut studio album, 'Nard, originally released in 1981. It peaked at #7 on the Jazz charts, #23 on the Soul charts and #116 on the Billboard charts. It produced one charting single, "Just Chillin' Out" (#85 Dance), but also the widely sampled tracks, "Haboglabotribin" - used in Grand Theft Auto V and sampled by Snoop Dogg, and "Master Rocker" - sampled by Ice Cube.

Bernard Wright - 'Nard LP


1. Master Rocker

2. Firebolt Hustle

3. Haboglabotribin'

4. Spinnin'

5. Just Chillin' Out

6. Bread Sandwiches

7. Music is the Key

8. We're Just the Band

9. Solar

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