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  • Where is The Library Record Shop Located?
    The Library Record Shop is a fully "ONLINE" record store. We are based and operate out of Columbia, SC, but do not have a physical brick and mortar location. You can browse our entire selection online, purchase, and then have your new vinyl shipped to your front door. For those local to Columbia, SC, we do offer local pickup. Additionally, we often participate in pop-up events where we sell vinyl directly. Please follow us on Instagram (@libraryrecordshop) to stay in the know about any events we are participating in, in the near future.
  • What type of vinyl records do you sell?
    We primarily sell gently used records, grade VG and above (see question below for more information on grading) and also a limited selection of brand new records. We generally sell Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap and Jazz records, but may have a variety of other genres occasionally in stock.
  • I don't see the record I'm looking for? Can I make a request?
    Yes! If there's a record you haven't been able to find, but need if your collection... please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll do what we can to make sure we can get that precious vinyl in your hands. You can get in touch with us in a few different ways: 1. Send us an email at 2. Call or text our business number: 855-763-1005 3. Send us a DM on Instagram (@libraryrecordshop)
  • Record Grading 101
    At The Library Record Shop, we follow the Goldmine Grading Guide. In common terms, this guide gives you more information about the condition of the record you are interested in. Generally LPs (or vinyl records) are assigned with 2 grades, one for the record and one for the cover. You can see the guide's scale below, with a brief description of what to expect from your record at each level: Mint (M)/Near Mint (NM) - These records are perfect in every way, usually sealed in shrinkwrap. These records should be glossy/shiny with no visible defects. Very Good Plus (VG+) - These records may show some slight signs of wear, including scuff or very light scratches that do not effect the listening experience. Very Good (VG) - These records have more obvious flaws like light scratches that can be felt by touch. When played a VG record may have some surface noise (like pops or crackles) and some scratches may be audible. However, the noise will not overpower the music. === The $1 records are the only ones The Library Record Shop sells below this line ==== Good Plus (G+)/Good (G) - These records have much more significant flaws, surface noise and/or scratches. These records may also skip at one or more points, but can still be played through. Poor (P)/Fair (F) - These records have significant warps, cracks and/or scratches. These records will skip and/or repeat when an attempt to play them is made.
  • I have vinyl records I want to sell. Do you purchase vinyl records?
    Since we don't have a physical store, purchasing vinyl from customers can be a bit difficult. While we'd love to help offload your collection, or free up space in your house/apartment, we don't quite have a buying process in place yet. However, if you are local to Columbia, SC, we can possibly set up a time and location to meet. Please keep in mind that our shop focuses on Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, Soul and Jazz albums, and are more willing to purchase vinyl in those genres.
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